Imaging Science and Photochemistry ›› 2017, Vol. 35 ›› Issue (5): 675-685.DOI: 10.7517/j.issn.1674-0475.2017.04.028

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Photocatalytic Oxidation of Sulfides with Perylene-based Derivatives as Photosensitizers

PENG Chengyun1,2, CHEN Yong1   

  1. 1. Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, P. R. China;
    2. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, P. R. China
  • Received:2017-05-31 Revised:2017-06-09 Online:2017-09-15 Published:2017-09-15


PMI-(iPr)2An (PSⅡ) and PMI-((iPr)2An)2(PSⅢ)) with strong visible light absorption and good solubility are successfully synthesized through the chemically modifications of Perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylicdianhydride. Under visible light irradiation, sulfides are transformed to sulfoxides with relatively high selectivity and yield, in which PSⅡ or PSⅢ act as the photosensitizer and oxygen plays the role of oxidant. Under optimized conditions, both the yield and selectivity can reach up to 100% for sulfides oxidation by using PSⅢ as the photosensitizer. Active species trapping experiments and electron spin resonance (ESR) demonstrate that the singlet oxygen and superoxide radical anion are the effective oxidants during the photocatalyticreaction.

Key words: perylene derivative, photocatalysis, sulfides oxidation, singlet oxygen, superoxide radical anion